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Loda Sofia

I would like to express, my gratitude to Study For You for the help in entering the university of my dream. Thanksfully to the competence of the curator that I managed to collect all the necessary documents and pass an interview for one of the best universities in the country.
Turning to this company, you can not worry, they will always help you and tell you how to fill out the documents, where to sign up and how to “survive” at first. They provide a list of not only paid training systems, but also free programs. This is the last function,which I used.

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Assel Rysbek

Good day. I would like to leave feedback about the ”Study for You” service.

From school I wanted to study somewhere in Europe, but after graduating from school, my dream did not come true, and I entered the University of Kazakhstan, an English teacher. During my studies, I realized that this was not my way and that I needed to change something, but did not do anything because I did not want to leave the comfort zone. One  year later, thanks to one person, I decided to leave it all and take a chance. So we came to ‘Study For You’. Having learned about studying abroad, about conditions and so on, I wanted to try. This time, I could choose a profession that is intended for me. All this influenced the fact that I dropped a university in Kazakhstan and went to Poland. I’ve been helped by ”Study For You” ,thanksfully them, my dream come true today. Starting with filling out a visa application form, ”Study For You” is doing everything to make it easier to stay in this country. Having collected all necessary documents, having bought tickets, I made a step towards my dream. In Warsaw, they met me, bought a local SIM-card, connected the tariff to the Internet and put me in the bus to Wroclaw, where I am studying. Here also their consultants met me, led to the hostel and showed the room. On the first day, consultant, came here, and helped me. By connecting wi-fi, they showed the path from the hostel to the university, the largest supermarket, shopping malls, taught everything to move around in the city. When you are just arriving in a new environment where everyone speaks a different language, it’s hard to get involved right away, and thanks to those who already lives here for a while, life becomes easier. Here I met other guys who came here also through this company and it’s cool, in fact. Everyone is ready to help each other and everyone likes everything. The question arises – we appeal to company, they is always ready to tell, to direct and help. I’m glad to contact them and serve this company.

Thank You!

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Aigerim Zholdospayeva

I don’t know from where, but I always wanted to get an education in Europe, this thought just originated in my head and grew into something big.
And now I am studying for a master’s degree in Poland and still cannot believe in it. Everything happened very quickly and in large part thanks to the company ”STUDY FOR YOU”.
They helped me a lot in choosing the university, the program and the direction. They organized my interview and took care of my placement. So this post I want to express my gratitude to you.

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Kanagat Marat

Study For You (Streamstudy project) gave me the opportunity to understand what education is abroad. In 2014, I was lucky to become a member of this program, thanks to which I enrolled in the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw. For 4 years of collaborating with Streamstudy, the program has been helping me as a student from a foreign country, adapting to the educational system, getting acquainted with academic opportunities. I was honored to receive a rector’s scholarship this year, as the program informed me about opportunities that seemed to me overwhelming.  Also last year, thanks to the Erasmus + program, I entered the spring semester at the University of Logistics and Transport in the Czech Republic. This unique opportunity to share experiences and knowledge will help me in the future to become a good specialist in my field. As you know, the Erasmus + program pays all program costs to the program participants and allocates a scholarship by providing financial assistance. Having settled in a foreign country, I’m,a graduate of a secondary school from the village, not only did not get lost in a foreign country, but also was able to travel all over Europe, thanks to the competence of the StreamStudy program. I believe that my student life would be less interesting if I did not meet with the representatives of this organization.

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Ilias Shamshat

Hello everyone, I went to Poland to study with Study For You (Streamstudy Education Group project), I estimate 10 out of 10. Upon arrival there, I was met, taken to a hostel, everything was prepared, I found the accommodation in advance of my arrival, when I turned to They always came to meet me, helped me to get a card for my life, when I went to university, if I had to go to a doctor, I always went with me, since I did not know Polish; but this is not all) during the training, offer tourist trips around the cities in Poland;

In general, the company coped with all the obligations that it promised.

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